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Deep tissue Chinese massage in Aldershot, Hampshire & Surrey.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is used to reduce muscle tension by using slower strokes; AND more pressure is applied by the masseuse. Deep tissue massage is used to break up and disperse ‘knots’ (areas of tightness); and eliminate scar tissue. Clients might experience some soreness during or after the massage. Your therapist will discuss remedial strategies as part of your ongoing treatment. We usually suggest a course of treatments. Your therapist will discuss various options with you.

Specialist massage Aldershot

Relaxing Massage

Chinese relaxing massage is used to gently stimulate the muscles sensitivity by using smooth and gliding strokes. Your therapist will use their touch to help you feel completely relaxed.

Specialist Massage

Our 4-hands massage is rated the best treatment of its kind in the area. If you require a more intensive, a more relaxing treatment then we highly recommend you utilise our 4-hands massage treatment.

To ensure the therapists are available to perform a 4-hands massage treatment, please try to book in advance.

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