5 Important Massage Tips | What Not to Do After a Massage

Whether you opt for frequent health spas or have just scheduled your first massage at-home therapy with Urban Company, you’re probably not aware of certain important post-massage guidelines.

Here is a list of Dos and Don’ts following a massage, as well as what you should do instead. Keep these suggestions in mind to get the most out of your therapy.

Important Tips For Massage

#1. Remember to drink plenty of water

When you don’t drink a glass of water after a massage treatment session, the following happens:

A massage dehydrates you, causing your circulation, blood, and lymphatic systems to become sluggish.

The lymphatic system, in particular, is unable to move toxins out of the body, resulting in a poisonous build-up and negating the goal of a detoxifying Chinese massage.

This tea, coffee, wine, or any other beverage should not be substituted. These are diuretics, meaning they cause you to urinate more frequently, causing your body to lose more water without allowing you to retain fluids.

#2. Don't Shower Right Away

Many of our customers admit to showering as soon as their massage is over, mostly to remove the oil. This is a huge blunder.

The truth is that the massage just warms up the essential oils, which then take an hour to soak into the skin cells. Allow the oils to absorb into your skin before showering in a ‘warm’ setting.

#3. It is not advisable to take a shower with hot water

After a lengthy, soothing massage, it’s tempting to bathe in a scalding hot bath. This is just another blunder. If you have a muscular injury, hot water will worsen the inflammation. For pain relief, use cold water.

Warm water is the ideal temperature for relaxing your body without causing muscular tension. If you’re in agony, apply an ice compress or soak in cold water.

#4. After a massage, avoid eating a substantial meal.

Massage therapies make you want to eat. This is due to increased blood circulation, which puts all of your bodily functions, including your digestive system, into high-performance mode.

A large dinner, on the other hand, will leave you feeling sluggish, bloated, and lethargic rather than invigorated.

A small, healthy snack can keep you feeling energized while also being kind to your tummy. The substantial supper can be saved until later in the day.

#5. Do not indulge in any intense exercise.

A one-hour massage will both calm your body and mind. It’s best to leave them in that state rather than ‘waking them awake.’ Furthermore, any strenuous exercise, such as working out at the gym, may cause muscle damage.

You should aim to sustain the sensation of relaxation after a massage. Rest, read a book, watch Netflix, or do anything else that physically and psychologically soothes you. It’s preferable to schedule a massage on a day when you’ll be at home for at least 4-6 hours.

In The End!

These are the basic things that you must not try after a massage. We have listed the top tips. Go through each one to follow. If you have any further queries, you can post them in the comment section. We’ll love to answer all your queries!